is a journal in classical philosophy. It is an open access and peer reviewed quarterly journal that publishes articles corresponding to philosophical issues explored by Étienne Gilson (Thomism, history of philosophy, philosophy of God, Christian philosophy, Christian culture, etc.). This scholarly journal has been published by the International Étienne Gilson Society since 2012 (and in cooperation with the Polish Thomas Aquinas Association Press since 2018) to retrieve, develop and disseminate the thought of Étienne Gilson and realist philosophy among academics and students internationally.

ISSN 2577-0314 (online) ● ISSN 2300-0066 (print) ● DOI: 10.26385/SG (prefix)



Online version:

International Étienne Gilson Society
33 Prospect Hill Road, Cromwell, Conn. 06416-2027, USA


Print version:

Polish Thomas Aquinas Association Press
Raclawickie 14/GG-037, 20-950 Lublin, Poland